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Make a big noise for persecuted Christians by keeping quiet!


Blackout 2016 is coming!

charlotteThanks so much to the hundreds of you who chose to stay silent online for anything from 24 hours to five whole days in 2015! Dates for our 2016 Blackout Weekend are 18th-20th November to coincide with the International Day of Prayer. Get the date in your diary! More details coming very soon…

If you missed out on the Blackout this time round, don’t worry, you can still take part. Use the resources below, sign up and do a Blackout whenever you like! Make sure you get in touch to let us know what you are doing!

The image is of Charlotte, who has raised nearly £200 from her Blackout in 2015 – what a trooper!



Switch off for a few days to support Christians that face a shutdown
From 17-22 March 2015

Blackout is back, and it’s bigger!
In March 2015 spend at least 48 hours switched off from the web. No Instagram. No Facebook. No Twitter. No YouTube. Seal away your smart-phones, put your social networking on hold and make a massive noise for those who are silenced for following Jesus.

Sign up using the form below and we’ll send you a free Blackout pack* including a series of quick, engaging Blackout reflections and a padded envelope for you to seal your phone in for the length of the challenge.

Plus, if you’re feeling hardcore you can choose to extend your fast from the normal 48 hours up to five whole days!

So, think you can hack some self-enforced online silence? Sign up below to make a massive noise by staying quiet!

Blackout 2015

Wear it Out

Wear out the message...

Get one of our awesome, ethical "Silence is the loudest scream" Blackout t-shirts for just £12.50 - money raised supports secret Christians!

Join the Thunderclap!

Use your Facebook and Twitter feed to help us send a special Blackout message to thousands of people...

Get your Blackout Pack!

  • Fill out the form to let us know you're planning a Blackout event and we'll send you a free Blackout pack, with a reflection guide, stickers, prayer postcard and an envelope to seal your phone away in. We'll also add you to the Blackout map. Packs will be sent out at the end of February/beginning of March.

Raising money with Blackout

Get sponsored to go quiet. Raise at least what you would normally spend on your mobile contract in one month!

Why go quiet?

100 million people around the world face persecution because they love Jesus. They are beaten, arrested and tortured. They are threatened, forced to flee and live on the run. Many suffer. Some die. Iraq, Nigeria, Syria – the shocking stories are all over the news. And when one part suffers we all suffer.

Their story is our story. We are family. We won’t be hushed up.

We’ll stand up for the silenced.


24 hours locked in a shed

Jonny reflects on what he learnt during his Blackout when he went hardcore and locked himself in a mate's shed for 24 hours...

Blackout Tour

In the run up to the last Blackout we travelled the length and breadth of England on our Blackout tour. We spoke at church and youth services about silenced, hidden, Christians and helped people to connect with their persecuted family through worship, prayer and the Bible.

If you’d like us to come to your church or event or want to chat through the possibilities then get in touch. Drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you asap. Even if we can’t provide a quality speaker we’ll definitely be able to give you advice and ideas on structuring and planning a Blackout themed service and event.

Blackout Resources

Helpful things to help plan and promote your Blackout! New resources coming for 2015!

2015 Blackout Promo Vid
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Blackout 'Save the Date' Postcard
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Blackout Prayer Card
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Blackout Promo Poster (for individuals)
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Blackout Promo Poster (for groups)
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2015 Sponsor Form
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The Little Black(out) Book
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Blackout Facebook Pics
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Blackout Twitter Pics
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Blackout fact graphics
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Blackout quote graphics
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The Cost: Blackout Edition
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Blackout for Syria Vid
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Blackout Prayer Stations
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A true fast takes heart

Don't just go through the motions, fast to connect with God's heart!

Julia Yermak

Andressa Amaral

Caitlin Buick

Satta Foday

Emma Spreadborough

Helen Beaini

Clardean Rowe

Sarai Wallace

Noortje Tyrell

Joachim Meyer

Emma Gray

Joanna McFarland

Jess Pugh

Holly Barnett

Ben Hodgetts

Carole Farish

Eve Ridgeway

Matt Sinar

John Hillman

James Sembuuze

Andrew Smith

Ami Wager

Rodney Rankin

Kate Doole

Matthew Duckett

Jessica Sian

Lucy Pegg

Kerri Cullen

Jesundabira Ogunlola

Philip Magill

Rachel Hutchinson

Joshua Hicks

Natasha Walker

Christian Perry

Becky Crawford

Babatunde Agunbiade

Lizzy Joyner

Chloe Rose

Jenni Keenan

Nicki Pritchard

Joe Bent

Fana Cioban

Katie Bridges

Aaliyah Walters

Jordan Smithson

Christine Thomas

Philip Warnock

Frazer Chapman

Lauren Holehouse

Lydia Mulenga

Olivia Blakley

Graham Durham

Chris Rose

Peter Carrigan

Amy Webster

Bryce Tangvald

Conor Campbell

Suzannah de Takats

Natasha Andrews

Heather Barrass

Rachel Maxwell

Sharon Govender

Joshua Lowe

Charlotte Gough

Sabine Lieberwirth

Kayleigh Betts

Curtis Irvine

Aisha Lewin

Cornelia Sander

Christine Craig

Dennis Gottenborg Christensen

Voirrey Baker

Aidan Beaumont

Michael Waine

Charlea-Jane Legg

Lydia Jones

Robyn Mann

Jassmine Damian

Lauren Gorman

Lauren Murray

Lysette Stubbs

Rebekah Carson

Miss Davidson

Dawn Davies

Alex Warren

Sophie Spree

Charlotte Aston

Chloe Deaville

Ashleigh Smith

Cassie Aston

Rachel Potts

Jimmy Warburton

Becca Rammell

Chloe MacCombe

Georgina Aitken

Ben Horrex

Christine Sharpe

Anne Buckland

Jasmine Stanley

Esther Liu

Jennifer Damain

Rebecca Hodgkins

Daniel Malschaert

Sarah Longville

David Wolffe

Victoria Aggasild

Sabina Rogers

Mindy Easton

Chris Arnold

Michael Williams

Alex Flanagan

Noortje Tyrell

Alistair Bassett

Izzie Watson

Fu Doble

Lynsey Wylie

Cinderella Jawahar

Kate McCaughey

Hannah Williams

Sas Cutting

Paula Azoica

David Turner

Natalie Mitchell

Jonathan Kemp

Jenni Norris

Hannah Billage

Trish Keady

Fu Lian Doble

Rebekah Lunn

Caroline Jennings

Beverley Wambalaba

Jennifer Heggie

Sas Cutting

James Leavy

Simon Ford

Diane Guest

Dylan Wright

Magdalena Geissbauer

Daniel Gillespie

Ryan bayliss

Rosie Crocker

Emma Worrall

Dan Etheridge

Deborah Johnston

Lily Page

Alistair Bassett

Kate McCaughey

Kevin Worrall

How to do a Blackout

Ok, so here’s the rules… It’s pretty simple. Blackout is a fast from the web, social media and your smartphone. It’s about switching off to make a big noise for those silenced for following Jesus.

• No social networking
• No emails, texts, instant messaging
• No web streaming of games, TV or music (that means no Spotify)
• No browsing online

That’s it. Simples. You can take it further and go fully quiet by choosing not to speak, or you could even give up something else you really love too, but essentially, Blackout is a challenge to stay silent online.

At the start of your fast, seal away your smartphone or tablet in a padded envelope and write the date and time you can re-open it on the envelope. Then walk away. Your Blackout has begun.

How long for?

You can choose to Blackout for anything from 48 hours up to five whole days, with our key Blackout dates being between 17-22 March 2015 (but you can Blackout whenever you like).

Mike Pilavachi on Blackout!



A true fast takes heart

Don't just go through the motions, fast to connect with God's heart!

Why I need to Blackout!

Luke needs a break from his phone and finds Blackout to be the perfect remedy...

Don't just give up!

"Blackout isn’t just about giving something up; it is about doing something different." Read why Emily is excited by her Blackout fast...

Six weeks without Facebook!

Holly chose to steer clear of her Facebook account for Lent - that's a whole 6 weeks! See how she got on...

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.