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    Video prayer tips and thoughts

    Six, short simple prayer based reflections by 24/7 Prayer founder, Pete Greig...
  • The Problem

    2016 World Watch List

    Find out the places in the world where Christians face the worst persecution...
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    Wait, did Jesus really mean that?

    Jesus didn't really mean that he came to split up families and cause division, did he?
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    Free group session guide!

    Our awesome new, free resource for group leaders. Four simple sessions based on our quality vids. Featuring Beth Croft, Miriam Swaffield, Krish Kandiah and Jasper Rutherford. Perfect as a way to start discussion and prayer!
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    Give hope. Send a Bible.

    £10 can buy, send and deliver a Bible to a young Christian facing persecution for following Jesus. Send hope today...
Do Something

Iraq and Syria: Thank you!

Watch this video to see how your donations are helping to make a difference...

Losing home

Asmaa from Iraq fled home days after he 15th birthday as Islamic State soldiers approached...


Praying for the persecuted: Pete Greig


We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.