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    Six things you can do during Refugee Week!

    It's Refugee Week (20-26 June) - here's a bunch of things you can do to help!
  • Do Something

    We are one family!

    Send a Bible. Sign a petition. Pray. Three simple ways to support your church family in the Middle East...
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    Should we stay or should we go?

    Come Friday the UK will have decided it's future with the EU. But what will change?
  • Do Something

    Will you walk with them?

    Do a sponsored walk to journey with Christians from Iraq and Syria that have lost everything due to war and terror. Free leader pack and downloads this way...
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    Get a free guide to help you pray!

    Get our free guide and pray for the places where Christians face the worst persecution...

Ramadan as a Christian

How do secret Christians cope during 30 days of prayer and dedication to Allah?

Advocates 2016-2017

Go beyond the theory. Serve your persecuted family. Spend 10 months on our Advocate programme...


Will you walk with them?


We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.