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    Give a gift worth giving this Christmas!

    Don't get your Secret Santa some naff cheap present. Send a relief pack on their behalf...
  • Article

    Can you find the song inside the sorrow?

    How can we worship God in the aftermath of a tragedy like that in Paris?
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    New vid: There goes the fear…

    Krish Kandiah chats about how we can overcome the fear of sharing our faith...
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    Six ways you can help your family in Iraq and Syria

    Some simple, quick and meaningful ways that you can respond to the crisis in the Middle East. Act now...
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    Say ‘Yes’!

    Start a journey with your persecuted family! Say 'Yes' like Brother Andrew and choose to step out in faith. Sign up and get free resources...
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    Why try and love terrorists?

    Megan was in Paris as the attacks unfolded. She sees beyond fear and hate to try and love...
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Hold a Secret Screening

Gather your mates, show our film and pray for change. Download the free pack here...
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Invite your MP

Get your MP to come along to the launch of our new persecution report in January...


Riot and revival


We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.