• Blackout

    Blackout: Could you stay silent?

    Disconnect to reconnect. Spend 48 hours offline to raise prayer, money and awareness for persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria...
  • Article

    What is all that racket?

    Gav Calver challenges us to embrace the silence and find God in the quiet...
  • Do Something

    Travel: Make it personal

    Deliver Bibles to North Africa or help out at a summer camp for refugee children in Lebanon...
  • Article

    The church took care of us!

    "We are now trying to bring our children closer to Jesus, we hope they will leave Islam and follow Him..."
  • Do Something

    Buy a t-shirt, send a Bible!

    Grab a one family t-shirt and send a Bible to the Middle East! Available in guys and girls fits. Just £13...
Do Something

Speak up now!

Two simple and quick ways you can use your voice to speak up for persecuted Christians now!

Is your social networking not working?

What do all our updates, posts and tweets add up to? How can we start a real revolution?


Will you walk with them?


We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.