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    Join the Blackout!

    Get sponsored to stay silent and raise money for people who share our faith but not our freedom...
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    What do you really value?

    Hear about Susan from Uganda and question what you really value and give worth too...
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    Five quotes from Brother Andrew you need to hear!

    Get inspired by the main who said 'Yes' to God - and meant it!
  • Blackout

    Luke explains why he needs to Blackout…

    Luke explains why he needs a break from his phone and finds Blackout to be the perfect remedy...
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    All new edition of the Cost Mag!

    Check out the all new edition of our little mag, The Cost, featuring Mike Pilavachi on risk, Gav Calver on silence and a bunch of stuff on Blackout too!

Joyful in adversity

Listen to Eddie share some stories of how to be thankful no matter what you face...


This Arabic symbol has been used to identify and target Christians. Wear it, use it, reclaim it...


Blackout 2015


We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.